Otaku Millionaire Hot Seat’s Secret Recipe of Questions

Otaku Millionaire Hot Seat contains 15 questions in each set that can be used in the game. Now for the questions, I write them myself and it is fun. Making sure that you have 15 questions never seen before is one of the things that master well. How do you win well in my game? You need to know what I put into my questions. (Disclaimers: 1. This is for the regular format editions of my game. 2. Questions showed here are as of the recording of the episode.)

Level 1: General Otaku Knowledge

The first five questions are pretty much general otaku knowledge. The questions can be Western Comic Books, Sci-Fi, Conventions Locations, Popular Manga, and Popular Anime (i.e. Anime that airs on American Television.). Even though I pretty much made the questions simple, it doesn’t mean that players can missed on the question.

One question that I see a contestant missed was this question:

Q: In what Kansas county is “Smallville ComicCon” located?

A. Reno

B. McPherson

C. Harvey

D. Sedgwick

Now, “Smallville ComicCon” happens in Hutchinson, Kansas. Hutchinson is part of Reno County, so the answer is A.

Level 2: General Anime and Manga (as of 2018) Knowledge

The next five questions are questions in the manga or anime area. Anime area can be voice actors, anime with a character in it (Note: I do not make any tricky questions to make it fair.), anime episode titles, and anime theme songs (Note: I will not play the songs, just the title.). Starting in 2018, Manga Titles, Manga Chapter Titles, and Manga artists will be added to the area. This is where the first ever player gave the incorrect answer in the franchise.

The question was: Cyndi Manabe is the only member of the Vehicle Squad in which anime?

The choices were:

A. Elfen Lied

B. Rune Soldier

C. Space Dandy

D. Best Student Council

The answer was: D. Best Student Council

Level 3: Much harder Anime and Manga (as of 2018) Questions

The next four questions are in the same area as level two, but the questions are much harder. In this level, players can experience Anime Licensing Questions (including Foreign Countries), Episode Length, Censorship Questions, Voice Actor Questions that aired in one anime but the answer is in another anime (Note: Name will not be given.), Episode Math (adding or subtracting), and Japanese Answers to a English based question (Note: If the Anime Title is in the question, the Anime Title is in Japanese.). Starting in 2018, players can also experience Manga Licensing Questions (including Foreign Countries), Manga Publishers, and Same Day Manga.

A couple of examples of a Level 3 Question are:

Type: Anime Licensing Question

Q1: Which anime company holds the current North America license for “Noir”?

A. Sentai Filmworks

B. Right Stuff

C. Viz Media

D. Funimation

The answer to this question is D. Funimation.

Type: Japanese Answers to a English based question

Q2: In Japanese, Tiffany Grant voice which Shin Seiki Evangerion Character?

A. Horaki Hikari

B. Katsuragi Misato

C. Sōryū Asuka Rangurē

D. Kīru Rōrentsu

Breakdown: The question asked for a Neon Genius Evangelion Character. Now names in Japanese are written by last name then first name. So, if you flip flop the first and last names, C. Sōryū Asuka Rangurē would be the correct answer because the name in English will be Asuka Langley Soryu.

Level 4: The Money Question

The Money Question can be two areas. The first area will be a non-otaku based question based on a otaku subject. The second area can be the same as Levels 2 and 3, but the entire question will be in Kanji Japanese. The second area will debut in 2018. So far, no one has master Level 4.

Here is a Level 4 Question:

What event happen in the year that “Mobile Suit Gundam” aired in Japan?

A. Sydney Hilton Hotel bombing

B. Miracle on Ice

C. O’Connor takes her seat as the first female justice

D. Pope John Paul II Travels to Poland

The answer to the question is D. Pope John Paul II Travels to Poland. Mobile Suit Gundam aired in Japan in 1979 and in 1979, Pope John Paul II Travels to Poland for the first time.

Final Thoughts:

Question Setting is much a good thing for me. It does keep my game in tip top shape.


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